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31 Mobile App Ideas For Your Next Venture

Posted by Nikki Tabberrah
August 12, 2022

Are you already thinking about your next mobile app project? 

We came up with a list of profit-generating mobile app ideas to help you get you going with your mobile app development process. 

31 Mobile App Ideas To Explore

Social Media Search Engine App

Trying to look for a specific person across Google and multiple social media platforms? A social media search engine app may be of good use. With this app, users can type in the name of the person with filters such as potential affiliations, professions, and locations and have the app uncover social media profile results in seconds. It is a one-stop shop for all social media searches. 

Niche Dating App

Meeting a fellow bookworm sounds nice or getting together with a fellow foodie sounds exciting, right? Help users find love with a dating app that matches them according to their industry, hobbies, likes and dislikes. This way, there’s no more guessing as to what they could bond over during the first date! 

Dog Walker App

Catering to busy fur parents, a dog walker app can help connect pet owners with vetted and highly trusted dog walkers in the neighborhood. The app can feature ratings, priority booking fees, invite new dog walkers in town and grow the walking community! Scaling opportunities can include pet subscription boxes and paid memberships.

Neighborhood Recycling / Disposal / Charity Item Pick-up App

Say goodbye to hoarding and say hello to clutter-free spaces. By connecting homeowners to charity shops like Goodwill, recycling facilities and pre-loved stores nearby, users can book a home pick up or deliver their items in exchange of rewards through the app.

Caregiving Temp Booking App

This B2B booking app can connect businesses with licensed caregivers who might be looking for part-time gigs and are available to fill in on-call roles at the last minute. This can be a good source of extra income for professionals outside their full-time jobs.

Book-Your-Local App

Another service booking app, users can hire trusted handymen, construction professionals, exterminators and even personal butlers to help them run errands within their local neighborhood. 

Milk App

Milk apps can widen access to breastmilk access. Financially challenged mothers, children's hospitals and institutions in need can sign-up and connect with mothers with surplus supplies. Breastfeeding mothers can opt to list their extra supply for free or for a minimal capped fee. 

Professional Babysitting App for PWD

Addressing child care concerns of parents with children with disabilities such as autism, this app can help parents avail of babysitting services of licensed therapists or qualified service providers as needed. This can give them peace of mind that their children with special needs are taken care of by qualified guardians. 

Coffee Enthusiast App

Coffee lovers rejoice! This is a mobile community where everything coffee-related can thrive. App users can share content, and recipes, build their own coffee marketplace and so much more. 

AR Concert Streaming App

Turn your living room into your favorite band’s live stage. Sell tickets, stream live concerts and enable AR version of live events through a mobile application that you can download on your phone or tablet.

Subscription Manager App

An app where a user can sync all of their app subscription accounts and monitor them by cost, billing schedule and frequency of usage. This app can be marketed as a money-saving tool as well by flagging rarely used apps and encouraging them to just stick to the apps they use and love.

Writer’s Block App

The writer’s block app can help creatives deliver their best work. Through content prompts, writers, bloggers, and social media managers can churn out creative content. Users can connect with fellow writers, and share copywriting tips and opportunities with users around the world. 

Easy Taxation App

Tax season can be daunting. A subscription-based tax app can get things done for busy individuals.

Book Club App

A mobile app that caters to book lovers of all kinds. The app can be a social marketplace where they can follow fellow book lovers and authors, and purchase/rent books. Profit opportunities include author and publisher collaborations and exclusive in-app marketing.

Grocery Pay App  

A grocery app that you can use to scan products and pay directly without having to line up at any leading grocery stores like Walmart, Whole Foods, Publix, Costco and many more. Just one app for all locations. Add coupons, advertise the best deals, and monitor monthly consumption based on your purchasing behavior.

Personal Concierge App

Ran out of sugar in the middle of your baking session? Book a personal concierge for a minimal hourly fee and have your errands done in a jiffy. On the upside, students or those looking for extra gigs can earn from this side hustle. Personal concierges can boost their profile and credibility through customer ratings and their very own profile on the app.

Color Precision App

Scan any surface under any lighting condition and get accurate color matches. Matches can include precise Pantone recommendations with adaptations on print, digital and even organic materials so creators can get the right color match on the go. Other features can include paint/ink recommendations, stock locators and design inspirations.

Home Cleaning App

A neat freak’s dream app. Book a professional cleaner for your home or office, shop for cleaning supplies that are tailor-fit to your lifestyle, and follow fellow enthusiasts for cleaning tips and organization hacks. This app can be used to schedule cleaning days and monitor cleaning habits around the home.

Start-Up Funding App

A start-up funding app where great ideas and investors meet. Start-ups and investors must go through a rigorous profile verification process to ensure the credibility of both app users. 

Authenticity Scanner App

This app can scan and determine if a luxury branded item is the genuine version or not. This helps pre-loved buyers get the best deal and protect them from getting duped with fake ones.

Seasonal Lifestyle App

The ultimate app for seasonal living. Summer? This app got the latest trends on everything summer. Shop swimsuits, travel experiences, share summer content and so much more. This app adapts to any season and by focusing on one season at a time, you are able to curate relevant content throughout the year. 

Aquarium Game App

Think SIMS 4 but players have to create their own aquarium and control virtual marine life. Simulated to mimic various aquariums - fishbowls, standard pumped aquariums or saltwater aquariums, players can design their water environments and compete against each to come up with the best designs.

Landscaping AR App

This app can scan the lawn and recommend the best foliage for any space. Users can also design their own too. Using AR and LiDAR technologies, this app can accurately map out spaces for realistic visualization of the landscaped area. This can evolve into a plant-lover marketplace too where users can list extra cuttings or plants for sale. Scaling up further, the app can collaborate with big brands such as Home Depot or Lowe’s as well.

Working Mom App

The total mom app where mothers on the go can manage their schedules, be reminded of their children’s soccer games, grocery shopping lists and so much more. This app can also include social networking features where moms can connect with each other and provide useful tips, and information on the best family-friendly events and deals around town.

National Park Navigational App

This app is a vacationer’s dream. This all-in-one app allows you to navigate through every national park across America. Feature park maps, highlights and nature information so users are properly guided during their park visits. 

Medicine App For Senior Citizens

Over 55% of the senior citizen population isn’t taking their medicines properly. Due to impaired memory, they need a little help in this area. A medicine app for seniors can help them manage their daily medication intake with scheduling features that can be connected to smart wearables. They can also use the app to remind them of prescription refills and doctor’s appointments.

Kiddie Savers Financial App

Teach financial literacy to young kids with a kiddie savers app. Young users or parents can track their savings through a digital piggy bank and work on tasks to reach savings milestones. Other features can include fun math games and kid-friendly tips on how to earn, save and invest their money.

Bike / Scooter Servicing App

Gas prices are wreaking havoc on our budgets so many are now turning to more sustainable transportation alternatives like biking and electric kick scooters. Travellers do encounter their fair share of issues such as drained batteries or flat wheels so having an app where they can book instant help can support the growing population can be an innovative and relevant app idea.

Crypto Learning App

New-age money lies in cryptocurrencies and what better way to join in on the trend, (aside from developing your own crypto trading app) than to be the leading crypto learning application where aspiring Bitcoin millionaires can learn the ropes of trading digital assets and stay updated in the latest industry updates.

Cash Loan App

Cash is king. So if you have enough to invest and operate a digital lending business, this may be a good idea. You get to help everyday Americans bridge their finances until payday and rack up on profits through interests. Make your cash loan app more interesting by integrating unique features such as cash-earning puzzle games, payment discount vouchers and many more to keep your borrowers highly engaged. 

Cannabis Shopping App

The legal weed industry is booming. Create a custom e-commerce application to start profiting from this new lifestyle trend. Make shopping a breeze, engaging and equally rewarding. With a custom app, you can set up shop, accept payments, operate your rewards program and more. 


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