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5 Ways Mobile Apps Beat Climate Change

Posted by Nikki Tabberrah
September 09, 2022

Once again, another damning report on climate change has been  released by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). And it’s triggering a serious case of climate anxiety for millions of people, and by reading this article, we’re expecting to add a few more to the count. But all for good reasons.

In this report, scientists insisted that we’re simply running out of time. If we don’t cut carbon emissions by net zero by 2050, the degradation will continue to hammer humanity and make the earth inhabitable for future generations. We can expect more catastrophic events like intensifying heat waves, water shortages, destructive hurricanes and more blazing wildfires if we don’t take action now. Despite the initial efforts and commitments made toward an emission-free future, we seem to be going down the wrong path. Environmental abuse is still evident and emissions are still on a slow, continuous rise due to human activity. Considering all unfortunate findings, hundreds of scientists remain hopeful. As per their assessment, humanity is well-equipped to fix this environmental mess – we just need to inspire political will and own up to our individual actions and responsibilities.

In this battle against time, technology and nature itself will play a big role in paving the way for a more livable world. Advancements in energy management such as batteries, sensors, robotics and AI have contributed immensely to the carbon reduction efforts of many nations. But you see, these efforts are implemented from a place that is far bigger than ourselves and as individuals, we can’t help but think, “What can we do in our own little way?” “Do my social media posts about the environment inspire anyone at all?  “Will our individual efforts to conserve water, plant trees, and recycle plastic bottles even make the slightest dent?” 

The answer is yes. A big fat YES. 

With the help of accessible technology such as our smartphones and climate change apps, we can push for collective change and contribute to nature building in various ways. 


5 Ways Mobile Apps Beat Climate Change

Inspire awareness through social networking apps

If you're wondering how mobile apps beat climate change, go take a look at social networking apps. Social media is one of the most powerful platforms to inspire impactful change. Users can advocate for environmental issues and drive public pressure through thought-provoking posts that keep neighbors, governments and top corporations accountable. Members can also join eco-friendly events and other initiatives where individuals can support worthwhile causes. Apps like Facebook, We Don’t Have Time or Good Empire, allow environmental warriors to share riveting news about climate change, impart valuable tips and insights, and keep conversations going to ensure that people don’t lose sight of this very important issue. 

Track personal carbon footprint using environmental apps

Knowing your personal carbon footprint can help you understand the role you play in the fight against climate change. Climate change apps like Earth Hero are available to help users learn more about the environmental impacts of their day-to-day lifestyle. It tracks common carbon emission sources, recommends feasible lifestyle tips, and enables users to monitor their personal progress through insightful data so they can strive for consistent results. 

Cultivate resource sharing through digital communities

Mobile apps are a great way to build digital communities where users can connect with each other and share useful resources to support each other’s personal environmental advocacies. Useful resources may include insightful articles, non-profit agency directories, and sharing of access to certain products, services and events. 

Brands can use mobile apps to raise funds for environmental initiatives

Brands and app creators can give back to mother nature by being a vehicle for change through the very service or products they offer. Take Forest, for example, Forest is a productivity app that helps users limit distractions and focus on their task at hand. The longer the user focuses, the bigger their digital tree grows and the lusher their virtual forests will be. Users then can earn virtual coins which can be spent on real trees which can be spent on the app itself. To make things happen in the real world, the Forest team donates these user-spendings to a tree-planting organization called Trees For The Future which creates the planting orders on a user’s behalf. This is just one way how app creators and their users can contribute to worthwhile causes and make a difference without much effort.

Mobile apps can help manage climate anxiety 

Climate anxiety is real. It’s an overwhelming and terrifying ordeal that many individuals are now battling behind closed doors. The physical impact of this ecological breakdown is now pressing on against people’s mental well-being, and it’s paralyzing. From a professional standpoint, climate scientists and researchers are now seeking help as they uncover the scope of what needs to be done and realize that what needs to be done is far beyond their personal capacities. This leads to burnout, anxiety and to a vicious cycle of analysis paralysis. While parents and their children continue to worry and fear a fairly uncertain future. 

What psychological experts realized is that the cure for climate anxiety is just the same cure for climate change. People must take action. Everyone should make use of all resources and innovations available to manage their stress levels and deal with the crisis so they can channel their emotions into useful actions. Tools like mental health and mindfulness apps can help manage anxiety by giving users access to meditation practices, professional mental health services, and other features to help them develop helpful green habits to revive their sense of purpose and accomplishment among other things. 


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These are not sure-fire ways to fix this mess, but we owe it to ourselves, our loved ones and the community to do what we can in our personal capacities to contribute to nature-building. So if you’re a business owner looking to contribute to our fight against climate change, then give our awesome app experts a call and let’s start developing your life-changing app.