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AI Chatbots to Boost Your Business’s E-Commerce

Posted by: Nikki Tabberrah

October 27, 2022


Have you ever wondered if there can be a Siri or Alexa for your business? How easier life would be if you had artificial intelligence helping you keep your business in place? Well, you can actually create one for your business. If you are not that tech-savvy and are not familiar with how AIs work, do not fret! While AIs are not relatively new, it can take a while for some to adjust to the incorporation of AI in their day-to-day lives and even in business. But once you get used to it, you will realize how much easier life is with an AI. 

While Siri and Alexa can help automate your living space, set appointments, and send messages to name a few, with your very own AI Chatbot, you can program your tool to automatically address messages in your app and website. It can also give you a report on which carts have been abandoned by customers so you can create a strategy to help push those sales. 

Benefits of AI Chatbots 

Always On

Customers hate it when a business takes a while to get back to their inquiries. With an AI, you can have a round-the-clock customer service assistant. You can program a set of FAQs your AI can answer and you can also have them sort messages that will need human interference which your team can quickly address once you go online but overall, an AI leaves no message unanswered and you can keep your customers happy and satisfied.


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Data Collection

Initially, you can program your AI to collect the basic details of your customers like their names, email addresses, and which products they purchase off of your shelves and they can perform the job of a sales personnel to keep your customers engaged. You can also customize your AI to automatically track website traffic and what products or pages customers frequently visit. With the help of an AI, you can easily gather the data you need in a lesser time frame since it also automatically organizes the data in a way you can easily understand.


Incorporating AI into your mobile application can seem like an unnecessary cost for your business but believe us when we say that it will be worth it. In the long run, having an AI that can run your business will cut you the costs of having to pay people to do a specific job that your computer can do. Its output will be delivered fast and even in real time depending on how your AI is programmed. With the always-on feature, you would not have to hire people to work the night shift because your AI is making sure sales go through while you sleep.


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Make Sales While You Sleep

As we have mentioned in the previous bullet, an AI makes sure your business never sleeps too. With AI, your customers get the assistance they need wherever timezone they are. If your AI has the flexibility to cater to different language speakers, the better. If programmed well, your AI can also be a tool in marketing. AI Chatbots can be programmed to personalize upsells and recommendations, as well as do their magic through cart recovery.

Now that we have established the benefits of having an AI chat box for your business, you might have also observed that we mentioned the word “program” a couple of times. This is because AI chat boxes do not come in a singular form. You also have to tailor-fit it for your business. Let us say you own a cannabis dispensary app, the DNA of your business is not the same as a fashion boutique or a service provider. Your AI should know the ins and outs of the cannabis business. It should be programmed to make the end user feel that the one they are talking to, despite it being artificial intelligence and lacking emotion, can still help them meet their needs. In line with this, here are questions you can ask yourself before moving forward with an AI chatbot developer:

  • What is my business all about?
  • What problem/s do I want to address with my AI chat box?
  • How do I see my business evolving with the help of AI?
  • Am I ready for an AI to help me with my business?

With the questions mentioned above, you can map out an idea of how AI chatbots would help your business but of course, at the end of the day, you also have to be comfortable with the idea that your business won’t be run 100% by humans. 


Take LEGO, for example, they launched a social media-integrated chatbot to serve their market. The chatbot reached 2.96 million users and has conversed with over 50,000 people since its introduction in 2017. This digital solution not only boosted their sales by effectively leading customers to conversion using AI, it even made interacting with a non-human customer service associate as enjoyable as possible. They took this innovation to heart and have clearly reaped its rewards by racking up a whopping 25% sales increase because of enhanced efficiency. Not to mention, the brand decreased the cost of its digital advertising by 65% in the process.

You see, AI chatbots can also be a revolutionary tool when it comes to your business. Find out what an AI can do for you and we will be your partner in programming an in-app tool that fits your business and branding. Ready to create something really awesome? Feel free to reach out to our app experts here!

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