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Apps We Love: Hybrid Working Edition

Posted by Nikki Tabberrah
January 26, 2023

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, a hybrid work style has become a more popular form of working, allowing professionals to stay connected and productive while maintaining a safe distance from others.

Hybrid Work Paradigm - What's the Deal with This?

Hybrid working refers to online and offline methods for getting the job done, including using various apps, and tools to support dynamic operating procedures.

Businesses can provide a combination of office and remote work options using a hybrid work model. Some employees may work remotely, while others may be required to remain onsite.

For specialized needs, remote workers might occasionally come into the office. Hot seating will be more vital, and so will flexible floor patterns. Although this work model has long been in use, this is the first time it has been on this large scale.

Today, offering mixed work models is essential and a cornerstone of strategies for corporate revitalization. Research indicates that we are always in this diverse state. The hybrid work style's flexibility is one of its main appeals. Flexibility, however, can be unrestricted. 

Organizations must decide which teams will operate remotely and which must report to the office, manage resources, and improve visitor management following COVID standards. As mediators of this hybrid work style, facilities management must do more.

Aside from that, firms must also consider technologies that boost teamwork and productivity, make it simple to serve external clients, provide their staff with platforms and solutions for IT issues, and promote employee engagement programs.

Hybrid Work Apps to Help You Implement Hybrid Work Solutions

Organizations must recognize that as the workplace changes, so do how people work and interact. Hybrid work apps empower individuals and businesses, laying the foundation for the next-generation workplace and ensuring the viability of the hybrid work paradigm.

Although handling a mix of staff who work both onsite and virtually is challenging, technology can help. The following apps are what businesses need to implement this hybrid work paradigm.


Focus & Concentration

Focus and concentration apps help you stay focused on the task at hand. These apps benefit individuals who work from home or remotely for long periods. By enhancing focus and concentration in apps used for hybrid working, as leaders or owners of your organization, you can ensure that individuals are productive, no matter where they work.


Focuster is a great app to help you stay focused on your task. This web-based time management tool allows professionals to set goals, manage their time, and organize. With features like scheduling, reminders, and progress tracking, users can focus on essential tasks without distractions.



To organize and record initiatives, one can utilize the date-focused note-taking tool Agenda. It enables users to maintain control over the numerous activities in their life and keep track of everything significant to them. 

It allows one to become more productive and more organized as a result. One of the most unique use cases of Agenda, it provides a complete picture of the past, present, and future thanks to its distinctive chronology.


Collaboration Tools

To ensure everyone is on the same page and streamline processes, having a reliable project management tool in place is paramount. Team collaboration tools help businesses keep the human connection alive even when people are working remotely. Hybrid work becomes easier for everyone with robust collaboration tools, which allows teams to brainstorm, ideate, and create wireframes in one collaborative digital workspace.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive integrated collaboration platform that you can link to almost any program you like. You can integrate all of your workflows, from Salesforce to Starbucks into Teams to give office and WFH employees the same experience.

With some capacity restrictions, Teams is free to use and can expand for up to 1000 attendees in a meeting which is pretty awesome if you want to hold a general assembly of all your team members or host an event for your brand. 


In 2020, Zoom became well-known as a tool for remote work. Safe to say it has become the Google of all things video conferencing. Thanks to its business video features, it has since maintained its position as one of the top tools for hybrid working in 2022. 

There will soon be a Zoom app for Meta's VR metaverse thanks to Zoom's significant investments in its partner ecosystem. 



Slack has been used as a community platform even if you work for a big corporation or micro-enterprise. Slack streamlines team communication and cooperation so you can accomplish more. This we can attest to!

By bringing the right personnel, discussions, tools, and data you require together, you can cross things off your task list and advance your projects. Through Slack's availability on any device, you can discover and access your team and work, whether at your desk or on the go.


Google Workspace

And of course, Google Workspace. You can store files, edit, and co-author them, connect with coworkers, monitor your email inbox, and have video conferences from anywhere with the help of the business and collaboration tools that make up Google Workspace. 

Workspace is an affordable option that accommodates up to 500 people in a video meeting, making it perfect for hybrid work in small and midsize enterprises. What’s not to love?


Time Tracking & Management

Staying on top of your schedule and managing remote employees' time is a significant part of hybrid working. With apps connected to time tracking, companies can keep track of team hours and tasks completed and provide insights into how employees respond to the hybrid work model environment. These tools also help create a culture of transparency within the workplace, where everyone can see what colleagues or peers are working on in real-time.


Another well-known task management application is Trello, famous for its list-making and Kanban-style capabilities. Trello is a fantastic option for an online week planner tool to help you keep track of your daily tasks and to-do lists. You will undoubtedly be more productive using Trello's kanban sorting and displaying tasks during the week. Trello is a versatile productivity tool ideal for many use cases, from leading a large team to planning your daily work.


In essence, ClickUp is a cloud-based project management and collaboration platform that provides various features and functionalities, including calendars, inboxes, goals, and reminders. You may use ClickUp as an online planner and to-do list to help you be more productive in your job. It is also an outstanding efficiency and task management tool. Leading businesses like Google and Airbnb, to mention a few, invest in ClickUp.


Monday can be an indispensable tool for anyone who wants their team’s collaboration process streamlined into a smooth sailing experience every single time. Monday's AI-driven insights engine provides owners with useful insights into how their teams are performing based on past data collected over time helping them better optimize their processes and identify potential bottlenecks they may have overlooked before while also suggesting areas where further improvements can be made within existing workflows by leveraging machine learning algorithms. has an array of features such as automated workflows which allows users to automate repetitive tasks like sending emails or notifications when certain milestones are achieved or deadlines are approaching so that no task falls through the cracks. It also offers various integrations with popular software applications such as Slack, Dropbox, Salesforce etc., making it easier for users to connect and leverage data from multiple services within Monday's centralized environment. 


Productivity Enhancers

Productivity enhancers are essential for teams that are hybrid working. By automating processes and streamlining workflows, productivity enhancers help employees be more high-yielding. These apps also enable teams to collaborate in real-time, assign tasks to the right people within the organization, and measure team performance with analytics.



You can organize projects, notes, and calendars in one place with NotePlan. All of your gadgets are easily connected and synchronized. Your material is accessible online and offline, thanks to Markdown and plaintext storage. You can also categorize tasks and workflows into "projects" in NotePlan. It's an excellent choice for any hybrid employee who wants to monitor their workflow and maintain concentration at any given time. is a fantastic option if you're looking for a dependable digital everyday planner to keep track of your obligations or business responsibilities. The app has multiple features that can help you become more organized, such as task lists, calendar events, reminders, and notes. It also allows you to add tasks on the go through voice commands, and it even offers integrations with other applications. With the help of, you can easily manage all of your activities and notifications in one app.


Mood Boosters

As owners or leaders of your teams, remember to make work time more fun. Gamification is all the rage in hybrid work, and it's proven to boost team morale, inspire creativity, and promote healthy competition. These apps help people manage their emotions and build resilience when faced with stress or anxiety.


The industry's top platform for audience interaction is called Slido. Generating leading questions from the public and involving participants in real-time polls and quizzes enables users to make the most of meetings and events. For engaging in hybrid discussions, this is your go-to software.


A free hybrid platform for administering questionnaires, promoting discussions, and gathering survey data is called Kahoot. It is a real-time reaction system that is based on gaming. Players respond to questions on a shared screen, creating a communal and enjoyable experience. With Kahoot, you can create multiple-choice tests, surveys, and polls that collect real-time data.


The apps we enjoy stretch beyond this list, but for now, let's keep things brief. Explore the right tools to help you succeed in your hybrid work environment today! Good luck!