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If You’re In These Industries, Listen Up!

Posted by Nikki Tabberrah
September 27, 2022

The pandemic tested our mettle. No one was spared whether it was in health, business, or livelihood. Fast forward to today, the economy and businesses are now getting back on their feet. While we are still navigating this new normal, it is undeniable that certain industries and businesses have thrived during these times.

E-commerce sales skyrocketed by 43% in 2020. Together with this, businesses such as shipping and courier, lending services, the rise of peer-to-peer payment services, and even the establishment of more and more cannabis dispensaries. These businesses might have existed before the pandemic but the downtime allowed them to explore and improve their services and when the need arose, these industries stepped up.

Businesses, albeit, have existed for human use and consumption for a long time, and have found ways to keep up with the times with modernization. Innovators have also introduced to the masses unique yet practical ways how they can access products and services. One is the migration of their businesses from a physical store to an online one.

Based on research, apps are 55% more convenient, 48% faster and 40% easier to browse. Mobile apps make business transactions more efficient for you and your customers and currently, there are millions of applications available for download on both the App and Play store. 42% of customers reported that applications have definitely made online shopping easier than mobile apps. With that being said, businesses are scaling up their businesses to keep up with the competition and to give customers and prospects a great shopping experience in the digital landscape. 

As we have mentioned earlier, the shipping or courier industry, together with cash services such as lending and peer-to-peer transactions, as well as lucrative businesses in the cannabis industry are taking shape to where more innovations are needed today. If you are in these businesses, keep on reading to find out why you should have a mobile application in case you haven’t yet!

Shipping/ Courier Industry 

The shipping industry has boomed since the lockdown. With everyone on their phones, purchases and exchanges are easier made. If you are in this industry, there are a lot of opportunities for your business when you develop an app. 

A lot of small businesses are in need of trustworthy couriers —after all, the shipping process is part of the overall buying experience and they want to make sure that their customer’s orders get to them on time and intact. With a mobile app, your customers can easily schedule a pickup to lessen their exposure to the outside world which makes it safer for them. Your app can offer notification services for every movement of their parcel. Of course, one of the most essential services of your app is a quicker and higher response rate to customers. You can program your app to make sure your customer service team is well-connected to your customers to ensure that all their concerns are resolved in real-time.

Peer-to-peer Payment Services

Do you ever find yourself constantly messaging your friend group to remind them to send in their payment for your night out? Well, not a lot of payment apps or even bank apps offer peer-to-peer payment services. If your idea is to create a service provider that allows friends to split the bill, an app is perfect to bring this to life! You can also offer discount vouchers and the ability to make purchases in-store with your application but the highlight of your service is allowing friends or groups of people to split the bill without having to worry about reminding each other about payment due.

Cannabis Dispensaries

With the legalization of cannabis use across states and countries, growers and cannabis providers have grown in population. Business owners are finding new ways to make sure their customers keep on coming back and also invite those who are looking into learning more about the plant and what it does. Why not explore developing an app for your business? The cannabis business requires a lot of security without sacrificing the customer experience and regular old websites get easily hacked. When you develop an app for your cannabis dispensary, you don’t only guarantee security for your customers but you can also revolutionize their shopping experience.

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Of course, developing an app for your business is an investment. It would take time, money and energy to know what your mobile application would look like and the services it would provide. While we can give you a list of things that what you would expect your business to be, here instead are the three things you’re missing out on if your business doesn't have an app yet:


Loss of Customers Due To Competition - Every business is looking for ways to improve their business and to keep customers coming. If you are not at the forefront of what’s new or an innovator who is the only brand or business providing a certain type of service, customers will always look for one.

Revenue Losses - If you are going back and forth about bringing your business online, you are losing sales. Almost all kinds of products and services can be found online today. While the world is slowly opening up its gates to give us a sense of normalcy, we cannot predict when the world will shut down again and if this happens, businesses that have already found their footing in the online landscape are already a few steps ahead of those who are not.

Brand Relevance Would Slowly Decrease - One of the worst reasons that businesses would go out is when they are no longer relevant. We have seen through time that there are only a handful of businesses who were able to withstand the test of time and would be seen still thriving today. These businesses kept up with the changes and if possible, were the pioneers of certain strategies or products that allowed them to still be the talk of the town. Looking at where the world is headed, businesses are expected to be available online where customers can easily reach them. While it would be a sad reality, if your business is not yet online, it would most likely be on the line.

Opportunities are endless and can be found everywhere. 

Today, we find that the shipping/courier industry, peer-to-peer payment services niche, and cannabis dispensary industries have the most significant opportunities to make the most out of their business especially when they go online with a mobile application. The task sounds daunting but with app developers who understand the value of your business and help you build your vision, you can be one of the top players in your industry tomorrow.


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