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Live Like Tony Stark With These Awesome Smart Home Picks

Posted by Nikki Tabberrah
August 12, 2022

If there’s one thing that’s gotten smarter and more sophisticated over the years, that would be our homes.

It’s been nearly a decade since smart devices enabled the average Joe to automate their spaces. With the rise of AI assistants, smart speakers, smart plugs, wearable devices and more, we see no signs of stopping as major brands keep adding ways to connect our homes (and our lives) to the internet. All with the end goal to make everyday living more efficient and integrated than ever. There are millions of wireless wonders in the market. But we rounded up some of the coolest finds on Amazon. From personal robots to energy-saving tech, we’ve got something for everyone.

8 Top Smart Home Picks

Amazon Astro

AstroAmazon Astro, $999.99 (Introductory price) | Request an Invitation Here 

Still on its limited release, Amazon Astro is leading the pack when it comes to home monitoring technology. This personal robot allows you to keep your home and family close even from miles away. It stands two feet tall with a 10-inch touch-screen, a host of sensors, a camera and a microphone. It also has wheels that navigate multi-directionally allowing it to find its way around your home using intelligent motion. Astro can detect unfamiliar visitors, investigates unusual noises and sends real-time alerts through its own mobile app.

By subscribing to add-on services like Ring Protect Pro you can empower Astro to do more. It can proactively scan your home and video record any unusual activities that you can access through the cloud for up to 60 days. More than home monitoring, it can be very useful for remote caregiving. Astro is an ideal companion for older persons living alone. Concerned family members can monitor and care for them remotely by managing shopping lists, scheduling daily reminders and virtually connecting with them through video calls. 

Our favorite feature wrap up this mini-review. The next time your partner asks for an ice-cold beer, just have Astro deliver it for you. Yes, Amazon Astro has a small built-in carrier that allows you to deliver small items to other people inside your home through its Visual ID feature. How cool is that?

Echelon Reflect Smart Connect Fitness Mirrors

Echelon Fitness.jpg
Echelon Reflect Smart Connect Fitness Mirrors, $949.99 | Shop Here 

Functional decors are here to stay – especially if they look this sleek.

This fitness mirror features a variety of workouts from strength training, yoga, to Zumba. You can simply choose your workout and follow along. If none of the pre-loaded training methods is cutting it for you, you may opt to connect with a live fitness trainer and work out together with its built-in camera and WiFi connectivity feature.

Beyond aesthetics, its mirror finish helps with perfecting form and reducing injuries during a workout. And when fitness mode is not in use, Reflect can display time and your local weather making it a rather worthwhile investment for your active home. 

Blink Video Doorbell with Sync Module

WP Blog Images - 1200 x 630px-4.png
Blink Video Doorbell with Sync Module, $84.98 | Shop Here

When the doorbell chimes unexpectedly, it could be quite a chore and unsafe especially at night. With Blink, you can answer your door remotely.

With a 1080p HD day and infrared night video and two-way audio, you’ll be able to communicate with your visitor through your smart devices. It is Alexa compatible and enables you to access live view, receive alerts, and arm or disarm your doorbell. Its installation feature is flexible too so it can suit any home. You can install it to your in-house chime system or go wire-free through wireless connectivity. Either way, you’re set to enjoy a more secure way of welcoming visitors.

Rocketbook Smart Notebook

WP Blog Images - 1200 x 630px-5.png
Rocketbook Smart Notebook,$32 | Shop Here

Whether you’re working or attending classes from home, notetaking is a staple activity. So stop wasting paper and go for a cloud notebook instead. 

This 32-page lined smart notebook is endlessly reusable and can upload your penned notes to a cloud service of your choice. Access your notes on Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneNote, slack, iCloud, email and more using the Rocketbook app. You can use Pilot Frixion pens, markers and highlighters to write on these pages, and wipe them away with a damp cloth when you’re ready for new content. Rocketbook comes in a variety of ruling types including your classic ruled notebooks to graph papers and planners which is perfect for all your notetaking activities.

Smart Changing Pad

WP Blog Images - 1200 x 630px-6.png
Hatch Baby Grow Changing Pad, $149.99 | Shop Here

If you’re a parent or about to be one, you probably know by now that you’ll be stuck in an adorable yet vicious cycle of feeding, napping and changing diapers during the early stages of your child’s life. Changing pads are a vital accessory for any parent to keep the baby from literally messing around. It should be safe, easy to maintain and makes diaper-changing as enjoyable as possible. 

This smart pad from Hatch Baby revolutionizes the way parents change diapers because it not only provides a plush and comfortable venue for the child, but it also double as a wireless smart scale that helps you monitor your baby’s weight and feeding behaviors. Simply connect to the Hatch App to track results and receive real-time scale updates every time your baby gets changed.

SwitchBot Switch Button Pusher

WP Blog Images - 1200 x 630px-7.png

SwitchBot Switch Button Pusher, $29  | Shop Here

We just found the perfect button pusher to help us out on lazy days. This SwitchBot smart switch pusher works well with any appliance with standard buttons and universal rocker switches. It’s easy to install, has an insane battery life of 600 days and multiple bots can be wirelessly controlled using one single app. Connecting SwitchBots to a smart hub unveils expanded features such as voice control and remote control. It also works well with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant giving you diverse compatibility. 

A key feature we admire the most is its built-in timer so you could schedule and automatically turn your lights and appliances on or off when you’re on vacation. That is without a hub, an app or any wireless connectivity required. 

Sensibo Sky 

WP Blog Images - 1200 x 630px-8.png

Sensibo Sky, $99 | Shop Here

Upgrade your portable air conditioning system by ditching traditional remotes and replacing them with Sensibo Sky. It is a zero-downtime device that smartens up your current units. It uses geofencing to intuitively shut down when the last person leaves the room, and a climate react sensor that scans both temperature and humidity in order to maintain utmost comfort. Using a mobile app, homeowners can control all their connected AC devices remotely, schedule their use and save up to 40% in energy consumption. It is also compatible with smart assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. With fuel and electricity prices on the rise, you might want to give this a try.

LevelMatePRO Wireless Leveling Tool

LevelMatePRO Wireless Leveling Tool, $144.99 | Shop Here

When setting up your mobile home or travel trailers, forget the jack and explore smart versatile tools like LevelMate PRO. Small but mighty, LevelMatePRO is a Bluetooth RV leveling tool that helps you set up your trailers with ease. It has a 3-axis digital accelerometer that accurately calculates angles and height requirements, as well as an onboard digital temperature sensor to ensure that accuracy is maintained in any climate. It visually assesses your position and provides corrective instructions all from one easy-to-use app. Designed for your convenience and peace of mind, this leveling tool monitors your position in real-time and updates as you pull into a site. 

“Do I really need all of these?” you might ask.

Not necessarily, but having smart devices around your home can sure make life easier. You can integrate them into your routines, and schedules and connect some of them to your existing devices so you can pave the way for a more efficient lifestyle. 

Exciting, as it is, having smart gadgets at home or in a business setting is not always rainbows and butterflies. We do have to mind maintenance costs such as the device’s own energy consumption, having ample internet connection to power them and of course, preparing for any hardware wear and tear. Nonetheless, all these innovations never fail to amaze consumers and maintain a promising future for brands who are planning to venture out into the IoT business.

By 2025, connected devices are projected to reach 55.7 billion wherein 75% of which will be connected to an Internet of Things (IoT) platform. Brands can leverage this ever-rising consumer interest by developing mobile apps that can connect to innovative hardware products. At Digital Awesome, we create these functional apps for our partner brands so we can help them carry out their mission to provide high-tech and sustainable solutions to everyday problems.


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