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Mobile App Design Trends in 2022

Posted by Nikki Tabberrah
August 12, 2022

Mobile app design trends change as fast as your favorite seasonal Starbucks menu. And much like our go-to coffee joint, continuous evolution (while keeping some classics intact) is the only way to keep businesses alive in this mobile-first economy. 

In 2021, users adored clean and minimalist app designs that focused on clarity and simplicity. The minimalist trend allowed brands to interact with their users with ease with its no-fluff, no-fuss design. The same goes for its contrasting counterpart, the dark mode who also captivated users with its sleek look. But this year, designers are going beyond timeless classics to pique the interest of emerging markets.

According to, over 2 million mobile apps were launched in 2021 alone. Globally, downloads reached 230 billion generating $170 billion in consumer spending. And with a collective screen time of 3.8 trillion hours, the competition among mobile applications has gotten more cut-throat than ever.

Great apps get downloaded, but apps with exceptional UI/UX get used and engaged with the most. This year, we are expecting bold shifts as the use of dynamic colors, nostalgia and asymmetry define the new-age aesthetics.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the top mobile app design trends that will dominate the app space in 2022.

Mobile App Design Trends 2022

 Big Type Energy

Fonts are crucial in designing visually-striking mobile apps and websites. It always has and will always be. Two type-trends are gaining attention: supersized letters against off-grid layouts and contemporary serifs that bank on their decorative sophistication. Large, bold letters paired with succinct copy are best used to spruce up clean, minimalist designs. While contemporary serifs create an appealing look when set against complex colorways.

Resta App by Nicholas Ergemla on Dribble

Resta App by Nicholas Ergemla on Dribbble

1_Big Type Energy Serif.png
Okanagan Observatory by MateCa-Digital on Behance


Vivid Gradients & Auroras

2022 is bringing a spanking new upgrade to our beloved gradients. If you’re looking to add another layer of dynamism to your app, consider using complex gradients and dreamy auroras. Take it a notch higher by integrating motion or animation into your gradient background or functional elements for a futuristic appeal.

Training App by Guillaume on Dribbble

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Nostalgia UI 

Inspiration from the 50s to the 90s era will abound this 2022. We’re talking about flats from neo-brutalism, ovals and arches from fashion magazines of the 70s, and playful graphics from the 90s. Think retro colors, arcade games, underground music scene, glitch, VHS, polaroids, and bubble gum pop fonts. Capturing the liberating energies of these eras can relate with its users on a personal level through its nostalgic appeal. And also take them to a whole new app experience with the multitude of functionalities a developer can get creative with when adopting this trend. 

3_Nostalgia UI_NeoBrutalism.png

Neo-Brutalism Inspired UI | Arty Mobile App by Lucia VegaLuciana Almada on Behance


3_Nostalgia UI_70s.png
‘70s Ovals & Arches | Auction Mobile App Mock-up by Taras Migulko on Dribbble


3_Nostalgia UI_90s.png
‘90s Inspired UI |  Oneplace Finance App by Alvian Teddy Cahya Putra on Dribbble


Asymmetry is Now King

Asymmetrical layouts help put certain elements into prime focus. It works wonders for e-commerce mobile apps where product galleries and menu items are the rockstars. Its clear-cut design challenges typical symmetry and helps brands showcase their product in a fun, fresh and future-forward way. 

4_Asymmetrical 1.png


Nike Shoe Store App by Firuza Ibrahimova on Behance


4_Asymmetrical 2.png

Asymmetrical Interface  by Ingrid Sasu on Dribbble


Small Circle, Small Circle, Big Circle

Let’s talk about abstract spherical shapes. They’re in right now and for all the right reasons. Round elements give off a seamless fluid appeal and can evoke feelings of calm and softness. In psychology, circles represent belongingness and positivity. And when used in app design, it can make any app friendly, and inviting and look like the user’s perfect pocket-friendly companion for everyday living. 

theia_M2.pngTheia App UI by Digital Awesome


Glass and Clay Morphism 

Users are now craving more depth and dimension. This year, we will be seeing more apps with glass elements and 3D clay-like features. Glass aesthetics are adored for their modern sophistication, while clay-looking elements with their childish aesthetics, bring in the new hip and trendy art style into the palm of our hands.

 Food mobile app by Ghulam Rasooll on Dribbble  

Food mobile app by Ghulam Rasooll on Dribbble

EyeQ.jpgEyeQ App by Digital Awesome


Design Trends Are NOT A One Size Fits All

Design trends come and go, so is there anything that will never go out of style? 

Yes, definitely! It’s creating high-quality mobile apps that are designed with your target market in mind. 

The key to success is in taking a user-centred approach to your app development. Understanding your market to a tee is vital,  so you could translate your award-winning ideas into digital products that deliver real results and make everyday living fun and efficient in this day and age.

At Digital Awesome, we work with brands through every milestone. Whether they’re shifting to an e-commerce app or developing IoT apps for their hardware products, we help companies create apps that matter in any era. And If you’re looking to revamp your mobile app design, feel free to reach out and we’ll work with you in developing a fresh new look this year.


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