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Should You Sit Out On The iPhone 14?

Posted by Nikki Tabberrah
September 21, 2022

One of the most awaited seasons has finally come and we are not talking about Thanksgiving or the Christmas season! Apple has finally revealed their latest lineup for the iPhone 14 and experts have weighed in on whether or not this new device is worth the price and upgrade. 

If you have been in the Apple ecosystem for some time, you would know that since the 11 lineup, the company has introduced their standard models and the Pro line. This is a good strategy so that the company can still cater to customers who want to upgrade but can only spend within a specific budget. But if you have a few extra dollars to spend, you can definitely set your sights on the pro version.

In this article, we will help you decide on which device suits your lifestyle better and whether or not the iPhone 14 line is worth the upgrade. But of course, the final verdict will be revealed in the end when we have seen both devices under the microscope.

The highs and lows of the iPhone 14

Every year since the 11, Apple has produced a base unit that is an affordable version of their new launch. What’s different with iPhone 14 is that it now has a PLUS variant that provides a bigger screen for users since the non-pros usually have a standard size and mini variant only. 

1.jpg2.jpg has a tool that would allow you to compare three iPhone models and if you put last year’s 13 models with this year’s 14 units, you would be surprised how there is little to no upgrade at all. Many tech YouTubers like Marques Brown Lee who have been the go-to for Apple news have stated that there is not a lot to know and see with the iPhone 14; in fact, in one of his videos, he even called the unit “repackaged”. To further understand where these experts are coming from, below is a breakdown of what comes with the 14 models:

Processor: While most users consider the processor as the most integral part of the phone, iPhone 14 Pro comes with the A16 Bionic Chip while the 13 comes with the A15.

Battery Life: In terms of battery life, the 14 outlives the 13 by an hour (iPhone 13 - 19 hours of video playback; iPhone 14 - 20 hours of video playback; iPhone 14 Pro Max - 29 hours of video playback)

Display: All three units come with a Super Retina XDR Display, HDR and OLED display. They are also equipped with a haptic touch that is further enhanced in iOS 16

Camera: 14 models have a slightly better camera than the 13. According to the Apple website, it comes with an advanced dual-camera system and 12MP Main Ultra Wide back cameras with a TrueDepth front camera with autofocus. The 13 on the other hand only lacks the autofocus offering but the rest is the same as the 14

Crash Detection & Emergency SOS: The iPhone 14 line is equipped with this nice-to-have-but-you-wish-you-never-get-to-use-it security feature that offers smart emergency assistance when you need it the most. 

While the list of specs goes on and on, with the four mentioned above, it is easy and clear to say that the 13 and 14 are practically the same. 14 edges the 13 though with its plus offering which is a bigger variant of the base model.

Was it pushed to the max? How do the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max fare compare to their predecessor?

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Now, the pro-line is where Apple has introduced significant changes. There has always been banter between Samsung and Apple users that the upgrades we are getting have long existed in Samsung and Android phones. But of course, true Apple aficionados would still year after year seek the latest offering. 

With the rollout of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, here are the notable features that piqued our interest:

New colors - The Pro and Pro Max models every year introduce new colors being midnight blue for 12, Sierra blue for 13, and now, deep purple. 

Dynamic Island - One of the most requested upgrades users have been asking for is a smaller or no notch but this year, Apple gifted us dynamic island. Dynamic island is an interactive notch (to simply describe it) that adapts to certain notifications and functions on your phone. The dynamic island will interact with your phone’s functionality whenever you receive a call, play music, open your FaceID, charge your phone, or do other tricks on your iPhone.

Always On -  This display feature, as the name suggests, makes sure your screen is always on for notifications and certain functionalities despite your phone being on the lock screen. This also dims your lock screen to ensure efficient battery use.

A new set of cameras - One of the most awaited features of the new Pro line will always be the camera. Users are given the chance to capture photos and videos in 4K with an improved telephoto back camera and the new TrueDepth front camera. The true tone flash and the latest action mode are also a treat on top of the powerful computational photography benefits.

A16 Bionic Chip - Of course, all of the Pro line’s top features are run by the A16 bionic chip which is Apple’s fastest processor to date. This specific chip has been installed in the 14 pro models which makes it the apple of the eye of most experts.

Both the 14 base and pro models will run on iOS16 which was also released in the 13, 12, and 11 models.

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While the 14 started off with a repeat of last year’s performance with similar content and functioning phone such as the 13, we recommend if you are coming from an 11 or lower unit to make the switch. If you are also gunning for a bigger iPhone but do not have the budget space for a Pro Max model, the iPhone 14 Plus is good for you. While the 14, based on the name, is Apple’s latest offering, if you are eyeing to purchase a base model, we recommend going for the 13 since prices are assumed to be going down in the next few months. You will practically get the same phone just a year earlier than the newest one — which saves you more money!

Now if your job or business’ bread and butter can be run on a high-powered smartphone, the Pro line is worth splurging on. While a lot of people do not maximize the Pro line’s offerings, photographers, videographers, designers, and an industry whose services can be provided through a smartphone will find very much use in the iPhone 14 pro lines. If you are in the tech industry for example or your job entails the need for the latest and most powerful device, upgrading is definitely a requirement. Upgrading your device to cater to the latest trends and releases allows you to remain on top of your game but if you are a regular user whose phone’s main purpose is to communicate, you can definitely sit this launch out as your current device or if your phone is still receiving the latest iOS updates, you are still good to go. With that said, you’d have to regularly check for compatible software updates for your phone to reduce the risk of any security issues further down the line. 

Of course, at the end of the day, it is still your money to spend. Apple will continue to shape the digital environment with their devices and people will continue to join the Apple ecosystem no matter what. While Apple has been a symbol of social status whether we admit it or not, practicality still comes above all. Weighing in on which iPhone 14 model should give you the bang for your buck, we can confidently say that the Pro models are worth the investment.


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