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The Apps We Love: Revenge Travel Edition

Posted by Nikki Tabberrah
November 08, 2022

Have you ever wanted to shut down your laptop forever and travel all over the world? Most of us have been cooped up in the four corners of homes and offices and now that the world is opening, we are overwhelmed by the choices of where to travel first. Ever since the world started to loosen its grip on international travel, we have all been attacked by the revenge travel bug.

What's The Deal With “Revenge Travel”?

Revenge travel, although not yet an official term in the dictionary, are a coping mechanism for people to catch up with the time they lost during the pandemic. The urge to get out and live their best life and make up for the experiences stalled and lost has been a rising feeling in today’s population. 

Now that we are all itching to grab our bags and leave, we must first make the most important decision — where are we going and how do we make all the arrangements? With the sense of normalcy slowly being restored, the question of “where?” is easy to answer but the question “how?” Will be the most challenging to answer. Of course, we are not just here to be your plus one on this much-needed vacation. We have also rounded up the travel inspirations and best apps you need for your next big travel!

Where do you find travel inspiration?

Are you traveling to Greece to relive your own Mamma Mia moment? Or do you want to explore the great outdoors and explore South Africa? While the world is your oyster, you might want to consider the following for your next travel inspo:

1) Do you want a fall or winter vacation?

While there are so many places to see and so many things to experience, you must first consider what type of vacation are you eyeing given your budget. After determining what type of vacation you are eyeing, compile a list of activities you want to do and see if they fit within your budget.

2) Read blogs or watch vlogs related to your destination

Sometimes the best deals and underrated sights are revealed in these types of platforms. You can also get information on the health and travel requirements so you can prepare beforehand. Bloggers and video bloggers might also have partnerships with local restaurants and brands and can plug special discount codes which can be very very useful.

3) Pinterest!

After years of painstakingly staring at your computer and the outside world, you definitely deserve to take photos that will last a lifetime. You can create your own vision board of what you would want your photos to look like and even outfit inspiration so you would know what to pack. While creating a vision board is not everyone’s cup of tea, that’s totally fine as long as you enjoy your hard-earned holiday!

Now that we have warmed up your excitement for your vacation, we have also made a list of mobile applications that would make your life easier before, during, and after the trip. Check out these amazing applications below that people have sworn made their holidays stress-free!

Trip It

Do you still print your travel itinerary? Look no further because TripIt is like your vacation personal assistant. It compiles all your schedules, and bookings, and even sends you a notification so you are up to date on where you need to be and when you need to be. You can also make your bookings in-app so it’s hassle-free!

Learn about the app here.


We cannot deny that there are top-of-mind restaurants when we visit a certain place — these are usually the ones filled with tourists because they really live up to the name or they are just overhyped. If you are looking for a different gastronomical experience, you should definitely have LikeALocal in your pocket! This app shows you where locals eat which are not the most common places tourists flock to and will definitely fill you up!

Learn about the app here.

Trail Wallet

Racking up expenses on a trip where you should be relaxing and enjoying can be a bummer, but tracking expenses during a trip can help you also track if you are running out of budget or if there is still space for more leisure activities. Trail Wallet helps you visualize your expenses and can easily help you track them! Just whip out your phone once you are handed a receipt and Trail Wallet automatically computes your expenses.

Learn about the app here.


LevelMate Pro

Flying is not for everyone and that is okay! If you do not want to fly out for a holiday and plan to go on a road trip in an RV, we have just the right app for you! LevelMate helps travelers who use an RV, yes, you guessed it, make sure that when their RV is parked it is leveled. You might wonder why this app is essential, well, first and foremost, when traveling in an RV, you want to make sure that the level of your vehicle is right. 

A stabilized RV ensures that plumbing and even the refrigerator will work without a hitch. Stabilizing your vehicle can also prevent it from moving and hopefully not overturning should you encounter a storm or it might be too windy where you are headed or staying.

Learn about this app-integrated tool here.

ParkYourself (Launching Soon!)

Don’t we all hate it when we have an appointment to get to and we could not find a parking space? Especially for battery-powered vehicles, finding a parking slot that has a charging rig could be quite a challenge. With the ParkYourself app, you can easily scan the location you are headed to for electric charging hubs for your vehicle. In case there is none available, it also connects you with paid hubs that you can easily book and prepay which is very convenient if you ask us! 

This is launching soon but get a sneak peek right over here

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I guess at this point we have geared you up for the best and upcoming mobile applications that can ensure your stress level can be kept at a minimum once you head out of town. We definitely agree that the internet and the evolution of the digital environment have made it easier and more convenient for us whatever our agenda is. We can’t wait for you to satisfy your revenge travel and live to share it with us!

We hope you enjoy your upcoming trip and if you have mobile app ideas that you think will be helpful for wanderers like you, reach out to us and let’s make it happen!