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Top Tech Updates and Rumors You Should Keep an Eye Out For

Posted by Nikki Tabberrah
August 12, 2022

The hype and discussion never die down in the tech industry. Everyone is clamoring to know about the next big thing and enterprises are fighting to edge out the competition in terms of innovation. Tech giants like Apple, Google, Tesla and Space X have eyes on them with their leaders also affecting the economy with what they say. 

Recently, Elon Musk joining Twitter was the talk of the town with stocks flying off the shelves. While this was short-lived because the billionaire eventually backed out of the multibillion-dollar deal, it is proof that everyone is on their toes when it comes to the latest in Silicon Valley. 

We’ve rounded up all the upcoming updates as well as the rumors you need to know to stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry. 

Trending Updates To Watch Out For

IOS 16 Is Launching Soon and Here’s What We’re Excited About

For iPhone 8 and above users, you will get to enjoy amazing updates which are not just in the aesthetics of your phone. The most eye-catching update IOS 16 will offer is your ability to change the clock font and color. While a lot of blogs and vlogs have mentioned that update, what excites us the most is that IOS 16 will allow you to edit and unsend messages on iMessage. This is great for users who have mistakenly sent the wrong message to the wrong person or are conscious of a certain typographical error. 

Another favorite upgrade of ours is purchases made on the Apple Card automatically show up on the app. Say goodbye to tracking your packages from multiple websites or applications. Apple is also introducing a continuity camera in IOS 16 which allows you to use your iPhone’s camera in place of your webcam – say goodbye to blurry video during meetings!

Nothing Phone Has Officially Launched and It Is Definitely Something

The arrival of Nothing has definitely stirred conversation. The phone’s futuristic exterior is eye-catching especially when it’s activated. But what does this phone have that makes it worth the hype? 

First and foremost, the creators of Nothing, OnePlus, aim to provide consumers with a more sustainable option when it comes to mobile phones. While most will wonder how this affects performance, Nothing phone runs on a custom version of Android with a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. In terms of pricing, you can get your hands on this innovation for £399 or around $480. You can also pair it with wireless earbuds which were OnePlus’ first ever product.


Twitter’s Chirp Update

Twitter is on a roll unleashing update after update for the past few months. From allowing photos in retweet captions to full-size image previews, and other niceties, Twitter has made it more fun and interesting to be on the app. Recently, Twitter rolled out a small update that when you refresh your feed, a chirping sound will be heard. This gives the application more novelty and strengthens its branding as the bird app. 

While we are not yet given the luxury to edit Tweets, Twitter also recently released the downvote feature that allows us to express dislike or displeasure for a certain Tweet. Although this is exclusive to Tweet replies only, this helps Twitter easily detect offensive or irrelevant content. When a tweet is downvoted, only the person who used the feature can see it. Downvotes cannot be seen by the tweet author or other users. The downvote is slowly being made available to users across the globe.

Now that we have kept you up to date on what’s currently happening, let us now discuss the rumors circulating in the tech industry as well as the whole online landscape. Here are the tech rumors that we are keeping track for you:

Apple AR/VR is in the Works

Tech giant Apple is rumored to have their own AR/VR headset and based on our investigation, a possible release might be at the end of this year or early next year. Apple’s AR/VR headset will be furnished with the latest M2 chip and will be a game changer in the gaming industry. Unlike your usual gaming headset, it is said that Apple will beef up this launch with more cameras and sensors to give you a full and fun experience.   

WhatsApp is Working on A Longer Delete Time in Beta

WhatsApp is gifting its users more time to recall sent messages. According to sources, the instant messaging app is currently testing a longer delete time to feature in beta. This will allow users to recall a message beyond the usual one hour. While we are yet to wait for an official announcement, this feature will allow users to delete sent messages after 2-12 days of sending. That’s great news if the person you sent a terrible message to won’t be online for a long period of time.


Instagram Will Be Combining Reels and Videos

We all know that Instagram’s algorithm is pushing for the consumption of reels over static posts. With that being said, there are rumors that Instagram might just be combing reels and videos under the Reels feature to further encourage users to create this type of content. This update will be great for content creators and business owners since the probability of their posts showing up on more screens increases.

We cannot choose which of these updates and rumors we are most excited about. The tech industry has definitely kept everyone on their toes waiting for the next big thing to drop. With everything that has been said in this article, which of these updates and rumors you cannot wait to get your hands on? 

Let us know!


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