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Trade Secrets That Would Make More People Download Your Mobile App!

Posted by Nikki Tabberrah
November 25, 2022

We have all heard the cliché, do not judge a book by its cover but a pretty cover sometimes sells especially when it comes to your mobile app’s landing page. Many business owners might be new to the idea of a mobile application landing page. Sometimes, we think that our social media platforms and websites are enough tools to push our audience to hit that download button but sadly, it’s not enough.

Role of Mobile App Landing Pages in Customer Acquisition

Let’s say you run a cannabis dispensary business. When a user Googles “Cannabis Dispensaries near me”, do you think your mobile application will appear at the top of the search page? Sadly, it won’t and the search engines would give websites more priority. But do not fret! Everything you need to know about how to kill your mobile app’s landing page, you will find here.

One of the best examples of landing pages you can find on the internet is Canva’s landing page for mobile app downloads. It exudes what the mobile app and the business is for and features what the tool can do for you. If you look up “free templates for reports”, Canva is at the top of your search page and as soon as you hit the link, it will direct you to the mobile app landing page prompting you to download.



With that being said, how do you build a good landing page?


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There is no single formula for the perfect landing page but you can take a look at how different brands do it. Canva focuses on highlighting its various tools and what a user can get once they download. Nike on the other hand has already made a name for itself and its landing page elicits a conversation about movement and who the brand is for — mainly does who just want to do it.


Nike highlights that most of its customers are who are young and always on the move. Their landing page also features a large QR code which users can easily scan with their phone to redirect them to the App Store. By doing your research, you can find angles like leveraging on the demographics of your target audience like Nike or maybe you can feature what your app does like Canva.


One of the most crucial aspects of a landing page is its design. Is it crafted meticulously that can quickly appeal to or encourage the viewer to download? Or is it too complicated and not direct to the point? Some of the best landing pages you can find on the internet already give you a glimpse of how you can navigate their app like Notion.

Notion’s landing page shows you two links where you can download the app whether you’re an Android or Apple user. It also features a mobile phone scrolling through the app showing you snippets of its features. As you scroll through the page, it creates an enticing narrative that your life can be organized by a small device in your pocket. Lastly, Notion has also compiled reviews from happy and satisfied customers which appeals to the emotion of the viewer and can be a reason for someone to download.


From the three landing pages we have already shown you, you can already see how they are different in terms of UX but still stays true to the goal of encouraging people to hit that download button. When it comes to designing your landing page, you must have the following:

  • True to your branding
  • Clear headers and taglines that pack a punch
  • Include eye-catching elements like widgets, vectors, videos, gifs, and even screenshots of the app itself
  • Bold call-to-actions (CTA) like QR codes or large widgets or logos of the App and Play Store
  • Features and Benefits
  • Social proof like testimonies and feedback from users
  • Mobile friendly

86% of effective landing pages are mobile-friendly and why not? People are downloading your mobile app into their phones and tablets and they should easily access your landing page through their phones.

Execute and Track

Once you wrap up designing your landing page, it’s time to make it go live! Your job does not end once your page is up though; you have to see if your efforts are being converted into downloads. If your landing page has been showing great results, you can try to experiment once in a while like incorporating seasonal themes or pushing for an upcoming sale exclusive to your app.

If your current landing page does not give you the results that you wanted, dive into what’s not working and make changes based on what you find out. You can also experiment with posts on your socials that will drive your followers and potential audience to check out what your mobile app has to offer. Use your social media platforms as reinforcements to make sure you get a good reach of your audience.


There are a lot more mobile app landing pages on the internet that you can draw inspiration from. Of course, it is still best to find your own formula that stays true to your brand so it can resonate with your audience and customers. There are a lot more tips and tricks to invite people who surf the net to download your mobile app. Aside from a great landing page, you can also explore SEO marketing, collaborations, learning about DV360, and so much more! 


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