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About the Project

Josh Phegan is the #1 Real Estate Trainer in Australia.


Josh Phegan Digital provides the best digital training and tools for the top real estate agencies and agents in the country.




    App Development

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    Digital Experience

We started this project by researching the best content streaming apps in the industry: Youtube, MasterClass, Spotify, Peleton. We took the best features from each and drafted our dream application. We worked with the Josh Phegan team to refine our dream application to best serve their customer base.


Ease of use was critical but the performance was even more important. We utilized AWS tools to develop a content streaming platform designed to deliver high definition video and audio content fast, even over weak internet. We also designed light file sizes for fast downloads.

We have been able to reimagine our business model to meet consumer demand. We’ve streamlined our business processes to work with more customers more often, and we’ve increased the volume of transactions we process.

Josh Phegan

We were hired to create a mobile application to provide HD quality video and audio to the Digital subscription members.


 Users needed to be able to download media to playback while offline. Users needed to be able to use the same content and training tools through mobile apps and web applications.

Key Takeaways

High Definition Audio and Video on Demand

By focusing on reducing file size and using the best streaming and content delivery tools in the industry we were able to provide high-quality audio and video better and faster.

Sync across all platforms and devices

KPI tracking, audio and video streams are synced across accounts. Users can start playing a video on one platform and continue where they left off on another.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Customers rave about the performance of the application. By focusing upfront on the optimal user experience the end product is more than customers expect from a training platform.