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About the Project

LevelMatePRO is a wireless vehicle leveling system that accurately reports how much height is required to reach a level position and tells you where that height is needed.


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The Digital Awesome team kicked off the project with an on-location visit to work directly with the LevelMatePRO team. The Digital Awesome team took advantage of working directly with the production team to understand the hardware and the software requirements fully. We gained further insights from applying design heuristics, best practices, and conducting competitive research.


The team ultimately established a new design for the LevelMatePRO application. We developed an Apple Watch app to complement the product. It made so much sense to utilize Apple’s watch hardware to make the product even easier to use. We then put the new applications through their paces via rigorous usability testing and quantitative benchmarking to ensure project objectives exceeded expectations.

Digital Awesome is made up of an honest team that is easy to work with.

Chuck Leonard

For LogicBlueTech, it was imperative to rebuild the LevelMatePRO mobile application from the ground up. The performance and reliability of the mobile app are critical to the success of the LevelMatePRO product. 


Focused on maintaining their position as the leader in the industry, LogicBlueTech worked with us to completely redesign and build their Leveling mobile applications.

Key Takeaways

Sales Increased 300%

The newly designed application helped LogicBlue increase sales by over 300%. 

From 2 to 5 star app reviews

Our new design and updated functionality took the app from an average of 2 star app reviews to 5 stars.

Bluetooth connection made easy

We worked vigorously to build a solid Bluetooth connection walkthrough to reduce user issues.