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About the Project

Glance pulls sales and inventory data from your e-commerce sites and compiles that data for you. Easy data sorting and reporting tools within the app will dramatically shorten the time necessary to make ordering and purchasing decisions.


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Glance dashboards are fast, like really fast. We use a combination of pre-calculation and just-in-time performance improvements, so you don't get stuck waiting for data to load.

Digital Awesome has demonstrated a best-in-class caliber of work. Attentive to the client’s needs, they intuit top priorities and maintain a diligent work ethic to target the ideal outcomes.

Joshua Millage

Glance had a very ambitious goal: Pull in sales and inventory data for ecommerce sellers from all of their selling accounts and package them all together in a simple, clean interface. Oh, ya.. and make it fast!


The major difficulty comes from working with multiple 3rd party selling platforms. Each platform has it's own way of managing and reporting sales and inventory. Amazon, Shopify, Ebay, BigCommerce and WooCommerce.


We worked with each provider. In some cases helping them refine their reporting process to pull in sales data in real time.

Key Takeaways

Real-time Analytics

Glance dashboards reports sales and inventory numbers before the seller account dashboards.

Advanced Security

Unlike some other platforms, Glance encrypts your data so you and only you will ever see it.

Extremely Simple

Glance is the easiest analytics tool you'll ever use. Intuitive design, easy account setup, and one-click customer support button.

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