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About the Project

EyeQ’s solutions help their clients see more and drive more value across their property. We deploy technology solutions that gather information to protect people and assets and inform decision-making in real-time.


    App Development

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    Digital Experience

We started this project by researching the best content streaming apps in the industry: Youtube, MasterClass, Spotify, Peleton. We took the best features from each and drafted our dream application. We worked with the Josh Phegan team to refine our dream application to best serve their customer base.


Ease of use was critical but the performance was even more important. We utilized AWS tools to develop a content streaming platform designed to deliver high definition video and audio content fast, even over weak internet. We also designed light file sizes for fast downloads.

The most impressive thing about Digital Awesome is their ability to actually be involved in the process.

Scott Wilson

We worked with EyeQ Monitoring to design and develop a mobile application that interfaces directly with customer's surveillance systems.

The mobile application allows users to livestream camera feeds and replay recordings. The app also allows users to create recorded clips and screen grabs on their device.

Key Takeaways

Monitoring Innovations

Record clips and take snapshots from the stream. We even post timestamps inside on the recordings.

A great partnership

Our success has led us to develop a great partnership with the client. They trust us to continue developing new products for the company.

Nobody does it better

We reviewed all competitors and EyeQ Monitoring is by far the best application for surveillance monitoring on the market.

Josh Phegan Digital