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About the Project

Cinder is Spokane Washington's #1 cannabis dispensary and has even won the title of Best Cannabis Retailer in the Inlander's Best of Spokane Reader's Poll for 4 years in a row! Cinder wanted to stay ahead of the competition and provide customers with the best shopping experience possible. 


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Our team at Digital Awesome began the project by conducting extensive research into the cannabis market to identify opportunities and challenges faced by dispensaries like Cinder. Through this market analysis, we gained a deep understanding of customer preferences, regulatory requirements, and technological advancements that have shaped the industry. With this knowledge in hand, we set out to create an innovative mobile app that not only addressed the existing issues but also provided Cinder with a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving cannabis market.


To achieve this, we developed seamless integrations with leading industry platforms, Jane ( and SpringBig ( By leveraging Jane's powerful e-commerce capabilities and SpringBig's robust loyalty and rewards system, we crafted a feature-rich app that keeps users engaged and encourages repeat business. 

Working with Digital Awesome has been an incredible experience. They actively engaged with us, understood our app requirements, and delivered outstanding results that exceeded our expectations.

Keegan McClung, Marketing Director

The result is an exceptional mobile app that has significantly exceeded Cinder's expectations, driving a substantial increase in online sales and order totals. This exceptional solution has further solidified Cinder's position as a market leader, reinforcing its reputation for delivering outstanding customer experiences in the world of cannabis retail.

Key Takeaways


The Cinder app sets the gold standard in the cannabis industry, offering a best-in-class user experience that seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction.

Sticky Icky

Cinder's app is ingeniously designed to be "sticky," captivating users with its intuitive interface, engaging rewards system, and personalized shopping experience, fostering customer loyalty and encouraging repeat business.

Increased Order Totals

Cinder's app is meticulously crafted to drive sales growth, utilizing a seamless integration of e-commerce capabilities, customer engagement features, and targeted marketing strategies to promote higher conversion rates and increased order values.

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