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Full Cycle Product Development

Reduce risks and losses with products designed to deliver real results.

Nearly half of mobile applications fail due to the lack of product-market fit. This not only wastes time but poor planning will eventually bleed your resources out. We hate when that happens. At Digital Awesome we help companies ideate, strategize and scale tech products that enforce customer loyalty, keep bottom lines in check, and keep brands relevant in the digital space.


Mobile App Development

Conquer the market with mobile applications that users love and grow with their needs. 
We’re at the peak of the digital age and consumers crave immediate connection with brands they can trust. We help brands develop sleek and engaging mobile applications that put their products and services at the customers’ fingertips. Our highly-skilled team of developers and designers aim to put our partners at the forefront of their industries with unique capabilities expertly designed to fit their needs and activations.

  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • Unity Development

UI/ UX Design

Gain user loyalty with fast and engaging in-app experiences. 

UI/ UX can make or break your mobile application. Poorly designed apps may cost you potential leads, and existing customers and affect your overall branding. Design goes beyond striking visuals. Its success relies heavily on how well the app works for your customers. Our team of developers use an efficient design thinking process that hits all the points out of the ballpark when creating a highly-engaging mobile application for your brand.


Internet Of Things Development

Now everything moves at a touch of a button. We’ll make sure your device is well-connected.

Millions of people have their mobile phones connected to an average of 3.4 smart devices per person, and the figures are growing at an exponential rate. More and more businesses recognize this demand and are now expanding product capabilities so users can operate equipment remotely all from the palm of their hands. 

Gain strategic advantage over your competitors with custom mobile app technologies that can communicate with your hardware products. We can develop functional apps designed for your equipment using Bluetooth technology among others.