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Strategy is the reason our clients are successful.

We are a team of experts when it comes to internet technology.
We know what it takes to create a successful business in today’s market.

We know the business of technology. Our Strategy experts will help guide you through the path of least resistance. Why learn everything the hard way when you can lean on our experience to reach the market smarter and faster than the competition.

When you partner with Digital Awesome you are partnering with a team that has helped it’s clients utilize the internet to build successful businesses.

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We have your back offering 24/7 technical support and customer service.

Digital Awesome doesn’t just build things. We maintain and support.

Our technical team is available 24/7. The web doesn’t take a break and never do we. We monitor your server and application health and respond immediately when an issue arises.
We also offer round the clock technical support for questions and help. Regardless of your timezone, we are available to you.

We [edgtf_icon icon_pack=”font_awesome” fa_icon=”fa-heart” size=”edgtf-icon-tiny” custom_size=”tiny” type=”normal” border_radius=”” shape_size=”” icon_color=”#F24976″ border_color=”” border_width=”” background_color=”” hover_icon_color=”” hover_border_color=”” hover_background_color=”” margin=”” icon_animation=”” icon_animation_delay=”” link=”” anchor_icon=”” target=”_self”] your customers.
Relax while we keep your customers loving your product.
Our dedicated support team can monitor support issues and requests from your customers 24/7. We offer online, phone, email and text support.

Nobody knows your application better than the team that created it.

Our support team works with you to outline business rules and best practices in your market. We then create channels for your customers to access our staff 24/7.

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Server Support

Scalable cloud hosting, customized to your business needs.

The hosting strategy is as important as any other decision you make regarding your website or application.
Our server managers work to identify the best hosting strategy for your application. Whether you need an internal application that just has to work for a few users or plan to serve millions of visitors a day our team can design a hosting strategy that can fit your business needs.

Why build an amazing website or application only to have it go down from traffic spikes or hacked from a security vulnerability.

We manage hosting for small websites and applications that serve millions of visitors a day.

We monitor server health 24/7 and respond to threats and traffic spikes.

Why let us host your website?

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