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Cannabis App Development

Brews, Buds, and Lessons for Dispensaries

Posted by: Nikki Tabberrah

April 03, 2024


The cannabis industry is booming, but it lacks the billion-dollar app success story of giants like Starbucks. Here's how dispensaries can take a toke of inspiration and brew up their own mobile app success story.

Starbucks' Secret Weapon: Self-Serve Automation

Busy mornings just got a whole lot smoother for the everyday Joe. The Starbucks app was custom-built to streamline all their customers' coffee routines, allowing people to order ahead and pick up drinks in a flash. Plus, earn rewards with every purchase, unlocking delicious perks and free drinks along the way.

If this technology brings in millions of revenue for Starbucks, why can't it work for you?


Features to Steal (Legally) from the Green Siren

Here are a few ideas for your own dispo retail app:

- Remote Ordering: Let customers browse your menu, select goodies, and place the order for pick up/delivery or pay securely, all from their phone. Custom mobile solutions can now integrate directly with leading e-commerce softwares such as Dutchie and iHeartJane.

-Order History: Make reordering easy. Customers can revisit past favorites with a tap.

- Smart Recommendations: Based on purchase history, suggest new products that might tickle their taste buds (or, well, cannabinoid receptors).

-Customization: Allow customers to specify preferences (like THC/CBD ratios) for a truly personalized experience.

-Manage Rewards: Incentivize loyalty and have points, badges and rewards in there as well.

See how Massachusetts' favorite dispensary, Redi, leveled up their game with the NEW Redi mobile app.

Promo Video_REDI CANNABIS MOBILE APP 2024 (2) (1).png

The Benefits: More Blazes, More Dough

By replicating these features, dispensaries can:

- Reduce wait times: Happy customers, happy business.

- Boost sales: Convenience is simply king (or queen). Here's proof: As of the end of 2023, 31% of total transactions at Starbucks' U.S. company-operated stores were made via the app. A new record-high from 27% in 2022 showing the growing adoption of app convenience.

- Increase customer loyalty: A positive app experience builds brand affinity. Starbucks now have 34 million loyalty members accounted for nearly 60% of sales at company-operated U.S. stores in the most recent quarter.

- Gather valuable data: Learn customer preferences and personalize offerings accordingly.


Data-driven Marketing

Dispensary owners often miss out on the valuable customer and sales data their app can offer.

Use app data to gain insights into performance, transactions, and market trends. This empowers your marketing teams to create targeted mobile marketing campaigns that deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Targeted Mobile Marketing:

- Give customers what they want: Use data to anticipate needs and avoid unnecessary phone calls.

- Drive sales strategically: Send targeted promotions to boost sales of specific products using the app's push notifications.

- Refine revenue management: Gain insights to optimize pricing and keep your bottom line healthy.

- Understand your customers: Data reveals customer motivations, allowing for data-driven marketing strategies.


Go Custom with Digital Awesome Apps

- A seamless shopping and loyalty app integrated with leading dispensary software.

- Access to DispensaryMate, our proprietary app analytics and marketing dashboard to fuel your success.

The cannabis industry is rapidly evolving, and a well-designed app can position your dispensary as the go-to choice in your area.

Let's chat and discuss how we can help you create a winning mobile app strategy.

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