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Cannabis App Development

How a Cannabis Dispensary App Skyrockets Sales and Retains Your Customers

Posted by: Nikki Tabberrah

September 02, 2022


Welcome to the digital age — where everything you need is one click or swipe away. From connecting with your loved ones and friends to purchasing what you need, all human transactions have migrated online. This innovation has led to businesses setting up their stores in the digital landscape first to test the waters, and once they are an online hit, they start to establish their physical stores. This can also be said for already established businesses who found greater success when they made their products and services available online.

With the trend in e-commerce, businesses are trying to edge their competitors by either creating a website or developing an app. Currently, around 85% of shoppers prefer apps over websites. Applications provide easier and quicker access to consumers and are relatively faster than websites. Data also suggests that 92% of customers make purchases in-app. With all that has been said, if you are a business owner, specifically in the cannabis dispensary industry, here are reasons why you should get a cannabis dispensary app and ideas on how you can establish a strong app to support and drive sales to your business:

Upgraded and Tech Forward UI/UX

When migrating your business online, it’s all about the user experience. An effective user interface or design gives your users a better experience with the app. App performance can be a driver in purchases and with Cannabis Dispensaries, the visuals of your products and how customers can easily access information on them is important. 

There are currently 2.89 million applications available for download on Google and 6.3 billion smartphone users across the world according to Statista. While not all of the aforementioned statistic is your market, a good user experience can translate into profit. When your customers can easily navigate your app and find things by simply scrolling, you can achieve client satisfaction. Remember, an effective UI is not just aesthetically pleasing but upgrades your customer’s user experience.

Aside from better user experience, here are other reasons why you should have a strong UI:

  • Improves user interactivity
  • It can lower development costs
  • More personalization and provides a true-to-brand experience for your users
  • Makes you stand out from other dispensaries

Applications Are A Channel To Further Brand Loyalty

We live in an age where most of the people we know are online. Businesses build their marketing mostly focused on online performance. If you have a hard-to-navigate website or an app which is not user-friendly, these can drive away customers and potential buyers. Be a savvy business owner and use your app to your advantage. 

At this point, you are probably wondering how can an app for your dispensary build brand loyalty. Well, here are the simple reasons on how you can leverage your app to build a stronger and bigger community:

  • Develop a strong loyalty scheme that will reward your customers. This can either be a loyalty member card or exclusive promotions that they can avail of once they reach a certain spend. Incentives are a surefire way to encourage repeat business.
  • Make sure your app is built to be interactive and you have a short response time. There is nothing that customers love more than a quick response.
  • Build an in-app community and make your customers peer with one another.  Engagement is key whether it is on social media or on exclusive platforms. Stimulate your customers by creating prompts or asking them what they love about your products and service.

Applications Have Better ROI in The Long Run

The first selling point of applications is that it runs faster than websites — this is uncommon knowledge for business owners but now you know. Aside from faster performance and a more unique experience for your users, running an app is relatively cheaper and time-saving for you. In your app, you can run push notifications which instantly alert your customers about new promotions or announcements. Goodbye good old email marketing! Aside from that, it has been found in a study that applications can further improve customer loyalty especially if they love your interface. In line with this, to keep your customers coming back, you can run app-exclusive discounts or vouchers for them to enjoy.

To further give you an idea of how an app is better for the long run, businesses bank on the efficiency of apps compared to websites. We have run down reasons why business owners are investing in apps:

  • Apps can be programmed to be accessible regardless if you are connected to the internet or not.
  • Mobile app features are more efficient than navigating a website.
  • Apps can be customized to be user-friendly for those customers who are not technologically savvy and this can translate to sales.
  • Data extraction and storage is more efficient in apps since it does not need a third-party server.
  • You can source reports on your apps to see which products need more push on your landing page, which products need more stocks, what bundles or promos you can create, and more!

Boosting your sales can either happen overnight with a great promotion or your brand suddenly gets picked up by a trend. This happens to the lucky ones but of course, you would not want to leave your business growth up to chance. Make the right choice when it comes to choosing where you invest. With how the world and consumerism are going today in the digital landscape, standing out in terms of services like a disruptive marketing scheme or being technologically advanced with an amazing app, the possibilities are endless. 

While the cannabis industry is slowly growing, it won’t hurt to be a trailblazer in terms of innovation for products and services. 


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Cannabis App Development