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How Dispensaries Unlock Their Custom App’s Full Potential

Posted by: Nikki Tabberrah

April 16, 2024


When a dispensary partners with Digital Awesome to build their custom retail app, they gain not just a beautiful app, but also ownership and control. 

Through their own DispensaryMate & Mixpanel accounts, dispensaries can unlock the full potential of their app and improve store performance.

What is DispensaryMate?

DispensaryMate is Digital Awesome's powerful app management dashboard. It's an all-in-one command center that grants dispensary owners and their teams valuable tools to:

Gain a 360° View of Your App's Performance: Monitor new app installs, total app sessions, achievements earned, and total orders and sales processed (weekly, monthly, semi-annually, or yearly). This comprehensive view allows you to identify areas for improvement and celebrate successes.


Manage Your Store Information: Keep your app's store listings up-to-date with addresses, operating hours, location details, photos, and store filters and categories.


Loyalty Achievements: Create custom achievements to boost engagement within the app. These achievements can be unlocked based on user actions, such as leaving a product review or simply signing in.


Targeted Push Notifications:  DispensaryMate's push notification feature allows you to send timely messages directly to your customers' phones.  Announce new product launches, remind them about ongoing loyalty programs, or promote special offers.  Leverage Mixpanel data to personalize these notifications based on user profiles, purchase history, and browsing behavior, making them more relevant and engaging.


Promotions Management:  Set up promotions by store and segment them by categories like sales, deals, discounts, and everyday specials.  DispensaryMate provides the tools you need to create targeted promotions that resonate with your customers.


Integrations Management:  DispensaryMate integrates seamlessly with other software programs you use, reducing data silos and ensuring all your systems work together for smooth and efficient operations.  The app integrates with popular providers like Dutchie, iHeartJane, Springbig, Alpine IQ, Greenbits, Onfleet, and more.


Punch Cards Management: Create digital punch cards for the app and set your own custom rules for earning rewards.  Define the spending amount, category of purchase, or specific actions required to redeem rewards associated with the punch card.


Customer Management: Gain valuable insights into your customer base through DispensaryMate's customer management features.  This includes access to customer data like name, email address, loyalty points, recent orders, punch card progress, and referral history.  Use this information to personalize the customer experience and develop targeted marketing campaigns.


Rewards Management: Define and activate redeemable rewards within the app.  DispensaryMate allows you to create a customized loyalty program that incentivizes repeat business and fosters customer engagement.

Data-Driven Decisions for Dispensary Success

Every subscription also includes access to a special analytics tool called Mixpanel.  It tracks app interactions and other relevant metrics such as:

Logins and Registrations: See how many people are signing up for your app and how they're logging in.

Shopping Behavior: Find out what products people are looking at, what they abandon in their carts, and how they typically navigate your app during checkout.

Product Discovery: See how people find products in your app. Are they browsing categories, searching for specific items, or relying on recommendations?

Store Interactions: Track which dispensary locations are most popular and how users interact with store information like addresses, directions, and contact details.

Educational Interests: Gauge customer interest in educational content within the app. This can help you identify popular cannabis topics and create informative content for your users.

Loyalty Program Engagement: See how customers interact with your app's loyalty program features like points and rewards.

By using Mixpanel data, you can gain valuable customer insights that will help you run a more successful dispensary.



Understanding your customers is paramount. DispensaryMate & Mixpanel equips you with the tools and data to personalize the customer journey, optimize marketing efforts, and ultimately, cultivate a loyal following through their app.

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For more information, visit or schedule an expert-guided consultation to start building your custom mobile solution. 

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