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How Upselling and Cross-Selling Can Improve Your Online Sales Strategy


Upselling and Cross-Selling are powerful sales techniques that any dispensary business can use to improve its revenue potential while providing better overall customer experiences. By offering customers the opportunity to upgrade their purchases or purchase complementary products, dispensaries can increase Average Order Value (AOV) and encourage customer retention.

In this blog, we’ll delve deeper into Upselling and Cross Selling, discussing how they work, the key differences between them, and the ways in which dispensaries can implement them into their e-commerce platforms.

What is Upselling & Cross Selling?

Upselling is the practice of encouraging a customer to buy a more expensive or upgraded version of the product they were initially interested in. For example, let's say a customer is interested in purchasing a basic vaporizer pen. An upsell strategy would be to offer them a more advanced and expensive model that comes with additional features like temperature control or longer battery life.

On the other hand, Cross Selling is the practice of offering complementary products that a customer may be interested in purchasing in addition to the product they are buying. For example, if a customer is purchasing a pack of pre-rolled joints, a cross-sell strategy would be to offer them a set of rolling papers or a stylish case to carry them in.


The Difference Between Upselling and Cross-Selling

The key difference between Upselling and Cross-Selling is the focus. Upselling aims to persuade a customer to upgrade their purchase to a more expensive version of the same product, while Cross Selling focuses on offering complementary products to enhance the customer's experience.

For example, say a customer enters a dispensary to buy a quarter of an ounce of premium flower. If a Budtender tries to Upsell, they may recommend a more expensive, premium strain of flower with a higher price point. In contrast, if they use Cross Selling, they may suggest purchasing a high-quality grinder or specialized rolling papers to enjoy the flower to its fullest potential.

Tips To Improve Your Upselling & Cross-Selling Strategy

1. Use a personalized Upselling and Cross Selling approach:

The power of personalization cannot be overstated when it comes to Upselling and Cross-Selling. Dispensaries can leverage customer data to provide tailored product recommendations based on the customer's past purchases or preferences. 

For example, if customers frequently order edibles, dispensaries can offer them an upgrade to a premium or gourmet edible with a higher price point. Or, they can cross-sell by offering complementary products like a high-quality vaporizer or pre-rolled joints that would enhance their experience.


2. Leverage customer data to identify opportunities to Upsell and Cross Sell

Dispensaries can track customer behavior, such as past purchases, abandoned carts, or the time spent browsing certain products, to identify opportunities to Upsell and Cross Sell. By analyzing customer data on your online sales platform, dispensaries can create personalized product recommendations and offer that align with the customer’s interests.


3. Use persuasive language to grab customer's attention

When offering Upsells or Cross Sells, dispensaries should use persuasive language that highlights the unique features and benefits of the products. Use language that emphasizes the value of the upgrade or explains how the complementary product will enhance their experience.


4. Timing: offer product recommendations at the right time

Timing is an essential factor in Upselling and Cross-Selling. Dispensaries should offer product recommendations at strategic points in the customer's browsing journey, such as when they add products to their cart or view their order history. Additionally, offering upsells or cross-sells during checkout can help increase Average Order Value (AOV).

5. Utilize product bundling

Bundling products is a great way to implement Cross Selling. By grouping related products and offering them as a package deal, dispensaries can entice customers to purchase more while saving money. For example, bundling a vape pen with a cartridge or packaging multiple strains of flower together can create attractive bundle deals that customers will be excited to buy.


6. Give your buyers control

Dispensary brands that want to build a loyal customer base need to give buyers control over their purchasing experience no matter which stage they’re in on the customer journey. Customers want to be able to add or remove items from their carts and come back to complete their purchases at a later time. By keeping cart data intact, brands can leverage cart abandonment emails or app push notification reminders to prompt customers to complete their purchases – and even add more items this time. 

This approach can help dispensaries secure sales and build long-term relationships with their customers. Ultimately, giving customers control over their purchases helps brands deliver an exceptional customer experience, which is key to building a successful business.

On The Flipside

While Upselling and Cross-Selling strategies can be highly effective, sometimes customers cannot be convinced to upgrade to a more expensive option. This is where Downselling comes in as an effective strategy to encourage customers to complete their purchase even if they cannot afford the original selection.

What is Downselling?

Downselling is all about finding a balance between the customer's desire for affordability and providing them with an excellent product that still meets their needs. By offering a less expensive alternative, dispensaries can still make a sale, retain the customer, and build a positive buying experience.

For example, if a customer is interested in purchasing a high-end vaporizer that they cannot afford, instead of losing that customer altogether, dispensaries can suggest a less expensive model that still meets their needs. This allows the customer to stay within their budget while still making a purchase and feeling satisfied with their buying experience.

However, it's essential to note that Downselling should not be overused, as it can have a negative impact on revenue in the long run. Offering a cheaper alternative too often can lead to a decrease in average order value, which can harm the dispensary's revenue. Therefore, it's crucial to reserve Downselling for situations where it's more likely to result in a sale than letting the customer leave empty-handed.

While Upselling and Cross-Selling are essential strategies for dispensaries to increase revenue, incorporating Downselling can be a useful tool for retaining customers who may have otherwise left without making a purchase. Dispensaries must strike a balance between providing high-quality products and affordability when offering less expensive alternatives to help retain customers and increase overall sales.

Making The Sale

Dispensary businesses can take their Upselling, Cross-Selling, and Down-Selling strategies to the next level with their very own custom dispensary shopping app. With the right app, dispensaries can offer a seamless, personalized buying experience that ensures that every customer is presented with relevant, high-quality product recommendations.

One of the main advantages of such an app is personalization. The app recommends products tailored to the customer's purchase history, browsing behavior, and other factors. This means customers are more likely to see options that meet their needs and preferences, making them more likely to buy something rather than abandoning their cart.

Another advantage of implementing a custom dispensary app is its ability to reduce lost sales from abandoned carts. With personalized upselling, cross-selling and down-selling features built into the app, customers are presented with attractive product offerings that may convince them to make a purchase even if they weren't initially planning on it.

In addition to increased sales opportunities, Digital Awesome's custom dispensary shopping apps also make it easy to integrate rewards programs - perfect for encouraging customer loyalty. Customers can be rewarded for repeat business or purchases over certain amounts, giving them the incentive to shop with you in the future.

All in all, Digital Awesome's custom dispensary shopping apps offer a range of benefits that help boost revenue potential and enhance customer retention while achieving higher sales efficiency. With this app at your disposal, your Upsells, Cross-Sells and Down-Sells will be engaging experiences for every customer. 

In Summary

Upselling and Cross-Selling are incredibly effective selling strategies that can help dispensaries increase revenue, improve customer retention, and provide a better overall shopping experience for their customers. Personalization, leveraging customer data, using persuasive language, and timing are all key factors that dispensaries can consider when using Upselling and Cross-Selling to improve their business online. 

By keeping these tips in mind and implementing them into their e-commerce website or mobile app, dispensaries can take their sales strategy to the next level and provide their customers with the best possible shopping experience.


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