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5 Qualities of Excellent Budtenders

Posted by: Nikki Tabberrah

March 13, 2023


Are you looking for a better way to serve your customers with cannabis? Learn about the five key qualities that make up an excellent budtender and take your service one step further. 

At the core of every dispensary business, is a dependable budtender. Budtenders are an essential part of any successful dispensary business. They are crucial in delivering excellent customer experiences, promoting products, and driving sales for your dispensary. 

But how do you know if they are doing good on the job? Here are five tell-tale signs that your Budtenders deserve their spot at the register!

They’ve found their sweet spot.

There are three types of budtenders out there. The passive one who just applied for the generous discount perks. The overly eager that turns a simple inquiry into an hour-long class, and the one that has found their sweet spot in selling and delivering product education to customers in a fast, efficient manner. 

While it is their job to satisfy the curiosity of curious Georges, budtenders should be knowledgeable, and persuasive, yet not overbearing. Their ability to explain the difference between strains without shoving a lot of information into a customer’s throat can make all the difference.

Budtenders who’ve found their sweet spot in product education can turn new customers into loyal ones. They’re more likely to cultivate trust among their customers with their non-overbearing approach. Customers are more likely to return if they are well-informed, supported and comfortable with their budtender.


They’re patient & quick on their feet.

Working in dispensary retail is no different from any other retail job. Budtenders have their fair share of impatient encounters. Whether they’re attending to someone who needs their weed – stat! Or just another Karen. Good budtenders can provide quick, efficient service without lull time or without getting flustered. 

They are often cool, calm, and collected because they possess a certain level of confidence. The confidence is brought about by their previous experiences in the trade or because they’re self-assured about the level of knowledge and service they can provide. You can find these traits in experienced budtenders who know their cannabis like the back of their hand and have the necessary soft skills to excel in retail. 

And suppose you find your budtender having difficulty dealing with their customers or have received complaints about their service. In that case, their confidence in the job may be affected by a lack of knowledge and training or simply, not a good fit for your biz. As business owners, we owe it to our teams to provide them with the best chances of success through proper training, upskilling, and mentorship opportunities. 


Good Budtenders are not high on the job.

A budtender who is noticeably high on the job is a red flag. It not only displays a sense of unprofessionalism that can damage brands. It may also intimidate potential customers – especially those who are new to cannabis. Customers appreciate proactive budtenders who can attend to their inquiries, make quick recommendations, and educate them in a present and engaging manner. 


They’re not afraid to ask for help.

Budtenders are masters of cannabis knowledge and diverse products, often with unique specializations. An exemplary budtender is one who humbly recognizes their own limits while also leveraging the wisdom of others to ensure an unforgettable experience for customers.


Good Budtenders know your customers well.

If you start hearing customers greet your budtender as if they’ve been friends forever, then that’s when you know you’ve got a gem in your hands. They are the ones that regularly up your customers’ stashes and drive new sales to your biz. Budtenders who developed these types of client relationships are invaluable to any dispensary business. Ensure to incentivize these staff members to help retain top talent and reduce turnover rates. 


There you go! Next time, take a visit out of your office and notice the little things about your budtenders. See if they possess these traits and celebrate them for a job well done!




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