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In-app Live Chat Feature for your Dispensary Mobile App

Posted by: Nikki Tabberrah

December 27, 2022


As a cannabis dispensary business, providing excellent customer service is essential to your success. Offering customers the ability to chat with a representative in real time can also be a valuable way to provide support and answer questions.

Now there's a tool that can help you do just that!

The in-app live chat feature in custom-built mobile apps allows dispensaries to provide live chat support with only a tap on their phone.

This not only makes it easy for customers to get help when they need it, but it also gives them the convenience of staying in your app while they chat about what they want - anytime, anywhere.

In-app Live Chat Feature Benefits For Your Cannabis Business

When it comes to boosting customer satisfaction, there's no better way to connect with your audience than by offering an in-app live chat feature. Here are just a few of the key benefits you'll enjoy when you start using this feature in your cannabis business:

Faster responses

Customers can get answers to their questions right away, increasing their satisfaction and helping them make informed decisions more quickly.

Personalized service

With in-app live chat, your customers can ask questions anytime and receive a customized response from one of your expert consultants.

Improved sales and conversion rates

When customers can get the answers they need in real-time, they're much more likely to make a purchase – which means you'll see an increase in sales volume.

Enhanced communication

Not only do you get to speak directly with your customers but their questions and comments can be relayed to other team members so that everyone stays up-to-date on the latest information.

Increased engagement

By offering this feature, you'll be able to connect with loyal customers in a way that goes beyond just selling them a product. You can also help them develop a stronger sense of community and increase their engagement with your brand.

Gain Loyal Customers

When customers have a positive experience, they're more likely to become repeat buyers, which leads to increased sales for your cannabis business in the long run. With the in-app live chat feature, you'll be able to deliver the kind of personalized service that customers crave.

Follow Your Sales Journey

In-app live chat makes it easy to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by connecting you directly with customers at critical points along their buying journey. With this feature, you'll be able to identify the factors contributing to customer loyalty and find new ways to improve your sales.

Better Customer Service

With this feature, you can easily connect with customers who may have questions about product use or other concerns – helping them feel more valued and satisfied with your business.

Things to Consider When Using In-App Live Chats

While the in-app live chat feature offers several great benefits for your cannabis business, it's not without its drawbacks. Some of the potential cons you may encounter when using this feature include the following:

Girl at register

Difficulty managing the volume of requests

Manually monitoring your in-app live chat feature can be challenging if you receive too many messages simultaneously. This can lead to frustrating customer delays and might deter them from using your app again.

Potential data security risks

If you're not careful handling sensitive customer information, you could leave yourself vulnerable to cyberattacks or other data breaches. This could damage your brand's reputation and create costly legal issues. That’s why choosing a developer who takes app security seriously is crucial to ensure that these builds are secured. 

Lower satisfaction rates

Customers who experience a long wait time to get their inquiries and concerns sorted out might be less satisfied with your business. Without an efficient operational process, it can lead to increased churn and reduced revenues in the long run.

While in-app live chat offers personalized service, this feature can also fall short if you don’t have adequate staffing or training resources to respond promptly and accurately to customers' questions and concerns.

Costs and maintenance requirements

Operating this feature may have additional costs, impacting your bottom line. You’ll need to ensure that your team can promptly address customer concerns – especially if you expect high traffic volumes during heavy promotion periods.

Despite these potential complications, the in-app live chat feature can still be valuable for your cannabis business.


Ways to Apply In-app Live Chat in Your Mobile App for Cannabis Branding

If you're ready to begin connecting with your audience in a new and exciting way, it's time to build your custom dispensary app with an in-app live chat feature. 

Here are some ways to apply the in-app live chat feature on your mobile app:


1. Consider your target audience and customers' needs when choosing which features to include in your in-app live chat feature.

2. Optimize your app for speed and performance so that customers can access the feature quickly and easily without experiencing any lag or delays.

3. Work with a team of experienced developers to ensure your chat feature is secure and protected against potential security risks.

4. Start promoting your in-app live chat feature to build awareness among your audience and attract new customers to your business.

5. Use data and analytics tools to monitor usage patterns, measure customer engagement, and track key performance indicators such as conversion rates and ROI.

6. Continually refine and improve your in-app live chat feature over time, based on customer feedback and industry best practices, to ensure that you're providing the highest quality user experience possible. 

With the right strategy in place, you'll be able to reap all the benefits of this feature while minimizing any issues that could arise along the way.

Discover The Power Of An In-app Live Chat Feature 

While the in-app live chat feature is an excellent tool for cannabis businesses, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether it's the right choice for you.

Ultimately, your decision should be based on your unique customer needs. With careful planning, however, you can use this feature to better connect with your customers, enhance your mobile app, and improve your bottom line.

So are you ready to take your dispensary to the next level? 

Book a demo with Digital Awesome today.

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